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The history of WOPROL is long. The Company was established in 1982. From the very beginning, we wanted to create a family business that would be able to provide farmers all over Poland with the necessary agricultural machines.

We started with the production of small equipment used in agricultural production. It took us several years to produce suspended and trailed sprayers, fertilizer spreaders and orchard equipment. Today, we can say that we have become experts in our operations.

Over the years, we have been gradually expanding our offer and distribution system, and along with it more and more farmers decided to choose our brand. During almost 40 years, we have sold approximately 100,000 agricultural machines. Today, sprayers and spreaders with the WOPROL logo can be found at over 80 points of sale.

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Building the reputation of our company began with setting a few priorities at the beginning of our activity. From the first day of the existence of Woprol, we focused on the high quality of our production. Our idea was to create a family business in Podkarpacie region and to be guided by values ​​such as reliability, diligence, honesty and attention to detail.

We wanted to develop organically. Although there were temptations to take a risk and try to get the market faster, we always felt that we had to take care of the customers we already serve. We have always strived to establish relationships with farmers that go far beyond the customer-seller relationship. We focused on customer service happy to advise you on the equipment, select an individual, personalised offer and available every time the buyer needs our help. Hundreds of customers who have been cooperating with us for many years and keep coming back for new agricultural machines prove that we went in the right direction and that we can be trusted with sprayers, spreaders and other equipment.

Reliability, experience, the best components and professional customer service distinguish us on the Polish market. However, there is something else that allows us to dominate over the competition. Although we focus on family and traditional values, at work we combine it with the latest technologies and solutions that help us stay one step ahead of the competition. As one of the first in Poland, we started using liquid measurement indicators. We use a unique folding beam locking system in our sprayers. Our customers are of the opinion that there is no agricultural machines producer in Poland that makes better sprayer beams than WOPROL.

We also take care of our reputation by cooperating with producers of only top parts. In our sprayers, spreaders and other equipment, you will find components from companies such as UDOR, ARAG, POLMAC, AGROPLAST, MARSEPLAST, AGROMET, STAROSIELSKI, Cellfast, Verzellesi, Vetroresina Padana, Bondioli & Pavesi, Lechler, TeeJet, or Madejski.

The values ​​that guide us over the years have allowed us to go so far. However, we are not going to stop there. We are still developing, expanding our distribution network, expanding our offer of agricultural machines and looking for new technological solutions that will allow us to stay one step ahead of the competition. Although a lot has changed with us over the years, one thing remains unchanged: we will still do everything to ensure that WOPROL provides farmers with the best sprayers, spreaders, aggregates and other agricultural machines in Poland!

We are a member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Agricultural Machines and Facilities.

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Below, we provide a short presentation of one of our sprayers, which shows how high-class agricultural machines we produce.

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