PROTON 1500 L sprayer


Trailed field PROTON sprayer

Standard equipment:

  • Main tank 1500 L
  • Hands washing tank
  • Tank flushing system
  • Steering drawbar
  • Adjustable wheelbase
  • Top induction bowl – in the infusion
  • Beam hydraulic shock absorption
  • Tilt cylinder – forced hydraulic stabilisation
  • Beam hydraulic lifting and unfolding – control from the electric panel
  • Independent asymmetric beam
  • 3- or 4-position ARAG fixtures (head)
  • Beam liquid system on stainless steel pipes
  • Number of sections – 5
  • Electric control of liquid valves from the cab
  • Italian hydraulic mixers
  • Dry liquid level indicator
  • Road lighting

Additional options

  • BRAVO 180S/300S/400S computer
  • 7 sections (for BRAVO 180) to 13 sections (for BRAVO 300/400)
  • Side induction bowl by POLMAC
  • LED spotlight
  • Work night lighting
  • Mud guards
  • Pneumatic brake system
  • Hydraulic support
  • Tank rinsing nozzles
  • Hydrant connection
  • Suction connection (valve + 5 lm of hose with basket)
  • Multiplier – own hydraulic system
  • External sprayer washer
  • Drawbar – rigid upper hitch – bolt connection
  • Pressure sensor – cable – solenoid valves – computer
  • Foam marker
  • Holder with a suction cup for mounting Bravo computers

*Each of the sprayers can be equipped depending on the individual needs of the customer.

Technical Specifications

Tank capacity
1500 L
System flush tank
150 L
Beam width
Pump (type)
Basic wheels
9,5 x 32
Wheels (extra charge)
9,5 x 36
11,2 x 42
12,4 x 42
15,5 x 38
Number of sections


  • Pressure regulation
  • Control of 5 liquid sections plus main valve
  • Cable for connecting sections, equipped with a bayonet connector with a slider
  • Supply voltage 12 Vdc
  • LED indicators
  • * Can be equipped with foam tags
  • A box to control the movement of hydraulic beams by means of a double-acting hydraulic oil valve
  • Controls for levelling, height, locking and 2, 3 or 6 beam movements
  • Power supply 12 Vdc

Bravo 180S is a compact and inexpensive computer, but extremely effective and accurate, able to meet the requirements of users of agricultural machinery of medium and large dimensions.

Technical characteristics:

  • Built-in tank level indicator
  • Expandable to 7 liquid sections
  • Connections to GPS and main remote control
  • USB port for data transfer and program update
  • Automatic closing of the main valve when connected to Bravo 400S / Delta80
  • Automatic blocking of spraying below the set minimum speed so that nozzles can work continuously inside their application zone
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Multilingual software with the ability to set different measurement units (l / ha, GPA, GPK, l / 100m, etc ..)
  • Displayed data: dosing, speed, pressure, flow rate, split quantity, tank level, area treated, treatment duration, mileage

The Bravo 300S is a medium to high range computer capable of managing all the functions of the weeding machine. The remote control unit facilitates the connection between the tractor and the machine.

Technical characteristics:

  • Graphic indicator for tank level
  • Automatic section closure when connected to Bravo 400S / Delta80
  • Registration to SD or transfer via serial port of position and operation data
  • Automatic locking of the spraying below the minimum set pressure so that the nozzles always work within their operating range
  • Visual and audible malfunction alerts
  • Built-in reader for Secure Digital (SD) cards
  • External input to control the main valve
  • RCU control unit
  • RS232 serial port for connection to GPS
  • Inputs for signals: performance. speed, pressure, capacity, tank level, rev counters
  • Outputs for controlling 7 boom sections (13 in sequential version), regulation valve and main valve and foam marker
  • Outputs for control of 9 hydraulic functions and a drain valve
  • Graphic 240×64 pixels backlit display

Monitor for electronic regulation of capacitive distribution of spraying with large 5.7 ″ color display and integrated GPS navigator.
Automatic closing control of up to 13 water sections.
Automatically selects the correct nozzle configuration so that:

  • the spraying pressure was always within the operating data set for each individual nozzle;
  • out of several nozzle configurations the one with the working pressure closest to the working range of the nozzle has been used;
  • the number of nozzle changes has been reduced to a minimum.

Variable application by selecting more nozzles with great variation in dosing, which reduces costs and environmental impact.
The main operating visualization can simultaneously display information and a picture for easy driving and spraying data.
The user can select a combination of several pieces of information useful while driving by pressing a separate button.
Object visualizations displaying:

  • images from two optional external cameras, spraying / guidance operating data, information and alarms, variable rate map;
  • main driving functions: calculating the acreage and perimeter of the field, marking various types of points and driving the vehicle back.

2 USB ports and 1 SD card for data transfer and software upgrades.

Pump from the Italian manufacturer UDOR

Standard nozzles:

  • LECHLER single-jet anti-drift / ejector nozzle blue 0.3
  • ARAG yellow flat jet nozzle 0.2
  • ARAG flat fan nozzle red 0.4
    or RSM MMAT 5-hole nozzle

5 meters of hose with a suction basket with a valve

Holder with 3 suction cups from the USA manufacturer RAM Mounts for BRAVO computers

Video presentation

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