JUNIOR II fertilizer spreader


The JUNIOR II fertilizer spreader is designed to evenly distribute granulated fertilizer to the desired working width. Mounted on the tractor three-point hydraulic lift. This machine is equipped with two spreading discs. The structure is made of metal covered with durable paint. The entire sowing mechanism (plate, paddles, cover) is made of acid-resistant stainless steel. Standard hydraulic control. Opening with an actuator (right-left side) and road lighting.

Additional options

  • limiter, hydraulic limit spreading system
  • tarpaulin
  • stainless steel basket
  • 400 kg extension (for 600 kg and 800 kg spreader)

Technical Specifications

Tank capacity
600 kg
800 kg
1000 kg
1200 kg
Working width
12m - 15m - 18m - 24m
Number of blades
Hydraulic closing
Vibrating mixers
Own weight
200 kg
210 kg
225 kg
240 kg
Transport height
102 cm
110 cm
120 cm
138 cm
Transport width
180 cm
180 cm
200 cm
200 cm
Transport length
110 cm
110 cm
120 cm
120 cm


Extension for the spreader 600 kg and 800 kg

Rack tarpaulin
(NOTE! Tarpaulin from the spreader 600kg / 800kg does NOT fit the spreader 1000kg / 1200kg)

Spare parts

Video presentation

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